how we raise money to help riders at the tt

On a personal note since my accident which happened whilst competing in the Sidecar Races at the TT it is my way of helping to give something back to the sport I loved competing in so much with my wife and ex passenger. For the last 18 years my roles in the club along with Viv have grown from being the membership secretary, to website admin and now selling TTSC club merchandise.
I put my heart and sole into these positions and will continue to do so.

My only wish is if I could make our website properly mobile friendly but that would cost to much and the money is needed for the TT riders

The TT Supporters Club is now run by only eight volunteers, we give up our free time to do this. All of us are 100% committed in what we do to help the riders at the TT.

As most of you are aware unfortunately we had to give up the club shop that was situated behind the TT Grandstand after the TT in 2014, this has now prevented us from helping riders in the way that we use to by supplying them with goods.

We now try our best to raise and give as much money as we can to riders who are members before going to the TT
and if they join the club at the TT. 


A):- Annual memberships whether it be individual or Business membership

B):- Selling TT Supporters Club merchandise, we have recently opened an online shop with every single penny made in profit from the sale of goods going into the funds for distribution to riders.


A);- Join our club if you open this link it will explain what you get for your membership as an individual INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP  

Join our club as a business member if you open this link it will
explain what you get for your membership BUSINESS MEMBERSHIP

B):- Visit our online shop and possibly buy any of the merchandise we have available open this link to get to it  CLUB SHOP

Any help you could give us would be gratefully appreciated not only by us I'm sure the riders we help at the TT would to.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article.

Pete @ttscwebsite