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TT 2022 Statistics and Awards

A total of 139 (164 in 1999) individual competitors took part in this year's races, 73 (82) in the solos and 69 (84) in the sidecars which included Dan Sayle who replaced Jason Pitt for John Holden. Maria Costello and Michael Russell competed in both the solos and the sidecar races.  


Although the qualifying (practice) time was truncated, particularly for the sidecars, a total of 2,050 laps were completed equating to 77,346.500 miles. The solos accounted for 1,891 laps, 71,347.430 miles and the sidecars completed 159 laps 5,999.07 miles. THis does not include the speed controlled lap for the newcomers which wasn't officially timed nor the solo warm up laps or (the ridiculously named) sidecar shakedown lap.


Only two of the eight races were held over the full distance, the 6 lap Superbike and Senior TT's. In total there were 943 racing laps completed a distance of 35,579.39 miles:


                                           Qualifying                                        Race                                                  Total

     Superbike Race           603 laps,      22,751.19 miles     208 laps, 7,847.840 miles                  811 laps,  30,599.03 miles

Supersport Race 1  513 laps,  19,355.49 miles     135 laps, 5,093.550 
                                      648 laps 24,449.04 miles                       

Supersport Race 2                                                   97 laps, 3,659.810 miles
97 laps, 3,659.81 miles              

Superstock Race         565 laps, 21,317.45 miles             125 laps 4,716.250 miles                690 laps, 26,033.70 miles              

Supertwin Race           210 laps, 7,923.30 miles            94 laps, 3,546.620 miles               304 laps, 11,469.92 miles

Senior Race                                                                   219 laps, 8,262.870 miles              219 laps,   8,262.87 miles

Total for the solos    1,891 laps, 71,347.43 miles       878 laps, 33,126.94 miles 
2,769 laps, 104,474.37 miles   


Sidecar Race 1            159 laps, 5,999.07 miles                     37 laps, 1,396.010 miles               
196 laps, 7,395.080 miles               

Sidecar Race 2                                                                        28 laps, 1,056.440 miles                 
28 laps, 1,056.440 miles                   

Total for sidecars           159 laps, 5,999.07 miles                   65 laps, 2,452.450 miles             
224 laps, 8,451.52 miles                      


The combined total for practice and racing was a total of 2,993 laps with a combined mileage of 112,925.89 miles.


A total of 80 silver replicas and 115 bronze replicas were awarded to the solo competitors and 16 silver and 22 bronze to the sidecar crews (counting two replicas per sidecar)


Race            Number of finishers      Silver Replicas     Bronze Replicas      Finishers 

                                                                   Awarded                Awarded             Plaques 


Superbike                    27                                11                           10                         6

Supersport 1               49                                12                            29                        8

Supersport 2               48                                11                           22                        15

Superstock                  38                                14                           20                         4

           Supertwin                    27                                  8                             7                       12               

Senior                          30                                12                           11                         7   

Sidecar 1                     15                                  4 crews                  3 crews               8

Sidecar 2                     28                                  4 crews                  8 crews             16  


The Joey Dunlop TT Championship was won by Peter Hickman and the Sidecar TT Championship was won by Ben and Tom Birchall. 


Jaime Coward became the Privateers Champion for the second time, previously in 2019.

Privateer's Cup winner Jaime Coward, KTS Racing Powered bt Steadplan Yamaha YZF-R1 

Peter Hickman, Gas Monkey by FHO Racing / PHR Performance, who became the third rider to win four races in a week after Phil McCallen (1996) and Michael Dunlop (2013 & 2014) needed a wheelbarrow to carry off all of his trophies at the end of Race week:

Peter Hickman, on the Gas Monkey by FHO Racing / PHR Performance,

The TT Superbike Trophy for winning the Superbike race, The John Hartle Trophy in winning the Superstock race, The LIghtweight TT Trophy for winning the Super Twins race and the most  prestigious of all, the Senior Tourist Trophy for winning the Senior TT. He also carried away the following fastest lap trophies: The Jimmy Simpson Trophy for the fastest lap of the meeting, with a speed of 133.461 mph in the Superbike race, the Norman Brown Trophy for the fastest lap in the Superbike Race and the John Williams Trophy for the fastest lap in the Senior TT. 


Michael Dunlop, MD Racing, received the TT Supporters Club Trophy for being the overall winner of the Supersport races. He was awarded the Junior TT Trophy for winning the first Supersport race and the Classic TT Trophy for winning the second Supersport race, his 21st TT victory. He set the fastest Supersport lap and received the Formula 2 Trophy. 


 21 times TT winner Michael Dunlop, MD Racing 600cc Yamaha YZF-R6, at Quarterbridge

Conor Cummins, Milenco by Padgett's Motorcycles, took The Don Ryder Trophy for the fastest lap in the Superstock race.


The Vernon Cooper Trophy went to Glen Irwin, Honda Racing UK, for being the fastest newcomer with a lap of 129.849mph on the sixth lap of the Superbike race. He also became the fastest newcomer ever, eclipsing Peter Hickman's debut in 2014.


Tom and Ben Birchall, Haith LCR Honda, won both Sidecar races, winning the Fred W Dixon Trophy in the first race and the Sidecar TT Trophy for the second race. They set the fastest sidecar lap of the meeting and received the Jock Taylor Trophy as a result. They also won the RAC Sidecar Trophy as overall winners with Tom taking the Craig Trophy for being the winning passenger.


The TT Supporters Club Trophy, given to the overall winner of the two Supersport races, went to Michael Dunlop, MD Racing. 


The RST Stars of Tomorrow Trophy was won by Milo Ward, TC Racing / DP Cold Planing. 

The RST Star of Tomorrow, Milo Ward, TC Racing / DP Cold Planing Honda CBR1000RR-R SP, at the Creg

Sidecar Best Newcomer Driver: Harry Payne, DAO 1886 LCR Yamaha, was awarded the Peter Chapman Trophy for his fifth place finish in Sidecar Race 2. His passenger was 2019 World Champion Mark Wilkes.

Best Newcomer Driver, Harry Pain, DAO 1886 LCR Yamaha, with ex World Champion Mark Wilkes in the chair.

Sidecar Best Newcomer Passenger: Tom Christie received the Dave Wells Trophy for his and driver Gary Gibson's 7th and 9th placed finishes in Sidecar Races 1 and 2 on their CES / RVISA Shelbourne Suzuki.

Best Newcomer Passenger Tom Christie with Gary Gibson, CES / RVISA Shelbourne Suzuki, at Quarterbridge 

Given the magnitude of just finishing a TT race more should be made of the individual awards presented. The official TT website does not have an awards page and it is difficult to ascertain who has won the various trophies. Below are some trophies that don't appear to be published with my possible winners:


The Gavin Lee Trophy for the best Isle of Man Solo competitor........Conor Cummins, Milenco by Padgett's Motorcycles, Honda CBR1000RR-R for his second in the Superstock Race and third in the Senior TT or Nathan Harrison, Isle of Man Steam Packet Company / Chris Preston Honda CBR1000RR-R SP for a fantastic TT debut with five finishers out of five races with a best of 10th in the Senior TT and winning two silver and three bronze replicas?


The Joe Craig Trophy: Best British Competitor on a British Machine. Peter Hickman for finishing 3rd and 2nd in the two Supersport Races on his K2 Trooper Beer by PHR Performance Triumph Daytona 765cc?


The Martin Finnegan Trophy: Best Irish (North or South) solo competitor. Michael Dunlop, MD Racing Yamaha YZF-R6 for winning both Supersport Races?


The Fred Hanks Trophy: For the winning Sidecar chassis. Ben and Tom Birchall, Haith LCR Honda?

11 times TT Sidecar winners, Ben and Tom Birchall, Haith 600cc LCR Honda

The Susan Jenness Trophy: For the most meritorious performance by a female competitor, will be announced by the TTSC later in the year.



Mike Hammonds