tt QUIZ number one


Winter, hopefully, is nearing its conclusion, thoughts being turned to the oncoming road racing season, so to whet your appetite, just for fun, amongst yourselves, or when you are looking for something to pass time, what can you remember about TT 2018…?

Q1 In the Senior TT seven manufacturers entered with all securing finishing positions. BMW, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha and Suzuki provided the mounts for the majority of riders, but can you name the three other makes of machine involved, along with the rider for each who completed the distance?

Answer The other three machines represented in the Senior were…Norton [Josh Brookes – 5th], Paton [Stefano Bonetti – 17th] and Suter [Ian Lougher – 21st]

Q2 The highest placed Suzuki mounted finisher in the Senior came home in 9th position; can you name this rider who was also the highest placed newcomer?

Answer Davey Todd was the best placed newcomer in the Senior…

Q3 Talking of newcomers… name the driver and passenger to secure the award for Best Newcomers in the three-wheeler class.

Answer For the Sidecar it was Michael Jackson/ Harry Payne

Q4 Staying on a theme, the joint winners of the Susan Jenness Trophy for 2017 received their award at a ceremony during the 2018 TT… Estelle Leblond was the winning driver, but can you name her passenger?

Answer Melanie Farnier was passenger to Estelle Leblond

Q5 Talking with sidecar driver Nigel Smith at the TT, he reckoned he was the driver in the oldest pairing… name his sidekick, and for a bonus, they were the first retirees in Race 2, but where did they roll to a halt?

Answer Nigel Smith’s passenger was Chris McGahan; they were a first lap retirement at Quarter Bridge

Q6 Racing at the TT is extremely expensive, more so in 2018 for which overseas competitor who had £500 stolen whilst in Liverpool on his journey over to the meeting? Many fans made donations to cover his expenses and he was also a winner in the TTSC Riders’ Draw.

Answer Masuki Yamanaka had £500 stolen

Q7 “The Perfect Lap” is judged to be the sum of the fastest speeds [attained by any competitor] for the six individual sectors of the course. The Perfect Lap now stands at 136.413mph [16 mins 35.711 secs] with all the speeds being set at the 2018 event by which two riders combined?

Answer Peter Hickman [4 sectors] and Dean Harrison [2] hold the record for ‘the perfect lap

Q8 All lap records were broken in 2018… which lap record now stands at 122.75 mph, a time of 18 mins 26.543 seconds?

Answer Lap record = Lightweight TT, set by Michael Dunlop

Q9 Name the two solo riders supported by the team at last year’s TT

Answer Rhys Hardisty and David Jackson rode for the team

Q10 Name the solo competitor who announced his retirement from TT racing after finishing 29th on a BMW in the Senior TT. A Manx Grand Prix winner with the Martin Bullock set up, 75 replicas from racing around the Mountain Course with a best TT finish of 8th in the Superstock event of 2007 and often referred to as ‘Pixie’.

Answer Ian Pattinson announced his retirement

Q11 Top six finishes for “skim walker” in the sidecar races. Who is he?

Answer Mark Wilkes [anagram]

Q12 Michael Dunlop took the chequered flag first in the Lightweight race, but at one point on lap two he was nine seconds behind which man? For a bonus at which location on the circuit did this rider’s machine expire?

Answer Ivan Lintin lead the Lightweight, retiring at Bedstead Corner on the second lap

I hope you enjoyed this fun only quiz, I will be doing another one soon.


Graham Bean.