tt QUIZ number TWO

Just for fun.. the following questions all
relate to locations on the TT Mountain Course

Q1 Where can you see a sculpture of Joey Dunlop sitting astride his Honda?

Answer The Bungalow

Q2 The rescue helicopter was first used in 1963 with Tony Godfrey [250cc Yamaha] being airlifted to hospital after an incident at which location on the course?

Answer Milntown.

Q3 It was success and tragedy for German competitors at the 1939, Georg Meier won the Senior, but BMW team mate, Karl Gall lost his life as a result of an accident during practice. A bronze plaque on a gate post commemorates Karl Gall, but where is it to be found?

Answer On the left hand side just after Ballaugh Bridge

Q4 In 2003, the 32nd Milestone was renamed as what?

Answer Duke’s

Q5 Which pub is the nearest to the half way point of the TT Mountain Course?

Answer Sulby Glen Hotel – just after the 19 milestone

Q6 Sitting on the hillside on the drop to Creg ny Baa is Kate’s Cottage… but this is not its correct name having been mistakenly referred to Kates by a BBC commentator some years ago. .. so, what is its rightful name and what is the name of the public house at the next corner?

Answer Tate’s Cottage; the Keppel Hotel

Q7 Son flickered [anagram]

Answer Conker Fields

Q8 Competitors speed past Coronation Park to their right before negotiating which right hander?

Answer Cruckshank’s Corner, Ramsey

Q9 The left hand sweeping bend on the approach to Sulby Straight has recently been named as what in memory of the local businessman who ran the local village store?

Answer Caleys

Q10 In the Senior race of 1965 MV Agusta team-mates, Mike Hailwood and Giacomo Agostini both slipped off their machines at which point on the circuit, Hailwood remounting to win the rain affected race?

Answer Sarah’s Cottage

Q11 The TT moved to the Mountain Course in 1911, with the starting point for the races being located on which stretch of road?

Answer Quarter Bridge Road

Q12 Birdy bulges [anagram]

Answer Sulby Bridge

Q13 Name the point on the course which takes its name from the rider who crashed there on his AJS during practice for the 1950 TT, breaking a leg

Answer Doran’s Bend

Q14 During practice for the 1991 TT, Czechoslovakian rider Peter Hlavatka crashed, being fatally injured. A memorial was erected at the location of the incident… where?

Answer At the Nook on the approach to Governor’s Bridge

Q15 The last question is probably the most difficult – Arthur Wheeler, a twice GP winner and a competitor on Manx road racing circuits for fifty years is commemorated by a plaque on a building as competitors approach which point on the Course?

Answer Parliament Square, Ramsey – on the wall of the Masonic Hall, just before the Swan Hotel.

I hope you enjoyed this fun only quiz, I will be doing another one soon.


Graham Bean.